Terms and Conditions

Dear customers,
Please read carefully the following terms and conditions:

І. Products
   XTREME POWER is a product that keeps the muscles pumped up and ripped for a longer period thanks to NO. Arginine transforms into nitric oxide, which causes blood vessel relaxation (vasodilation). Early evidence suggests that arginine may help improve with vasodilation and has been studied for wound healing and bodybuilding. In other studies, L-Arginine assist healthy platelet function and enhanced exercise tolerance. Additional trials indicate that L-Arginine may support healthy lipid metabolism enhancing its cardiovascular support properties. Arginine has demonstrated immune-supporting activity and may promote the utilization of nitric acid by scavenger cells for defense mechanisms.

ІІ. Prices and promotions
   Prices stated on that webpage are final. In case of ongoing promotion, price discounts will be available and presented to the customer. Delivery is free of charge all over the country and is made between 09:00 and 18:00 on the address that is stated by the customer. Product prices can be changed, without any prior notification to users. Customer should pay the current price that is actual by the time of the purchase. Payment is via credit card throught our web page.

ІІІ. Orders
   Orders are made throught the current form on our HOME page. All the fields of the order form are obligatory. Customer pays with a credit card.

ІV. Delivery terms and conditions
   Product is delivered 1 to 3 working days after an order is received and approved. If the product is not available, we are obliged to inform the customer immediately. We are not responsible for any delay caused by a courier company, incorrect address or any other force majeure circumstances.

V. Cancellation of contract and return of purchased product
   Customers have the right to cancel or return the purchased product only if the integrity of the package is not compromised. Cancelation and return can be done in 7 days after purchase and according to the Consumer Protection Legislation and the customer pays return delivery charges. Refund can be done within 60 days only on a bank account stated by the customer only after the uncompromised product is returned.
   Customer can exchange the product. Charges for the return and delivery of the exchanged product are at the expense of the customer.

VІ. Warranty claim and refund
   Customer has all the rights protected by Consumer Protection Legislation. Return claims are accepted on e-mail, refund@xtremepower.net and the reasons for the claim have to be stated. Provider reserves the right not to accept the claim of the customer, if it considers that the grounds for complaint is unfounded or caused by misuse of the product by the customer.
   Refund of the product is possible only on first purchase and only one package per person / household / family can be returned and refunded. Refund does not cover the delivery and return charges paid by the customer. Refund can be done within 60 days after sending the product to the address that is stated by the Customer. All the packages (including the empty one) have to be sent to an address stated by the Distributor. Products have to be returned within 10 days after an approval for refund has been given by the Distributor. In case of not complying with the above conditions cancellation of the guarantee and waiving of the refund will be done.
   After confirmation for a refund, the Distributor refunds the money within 60 days after sending the product to the Customer. Money will be refunded only to the bank account given by the Customer. The Distributor does not accept Cash one Delivery returns. The Distributor does not refund any packing, delivery and return costs.

VІІ. Distributor rights and obligations
   We are obliged to strictly observe the Personal Data Protection Legislation, to protect information provided by the customer and to deliver the ordered products within the agreed period of the address.
   We have the right not to deliver the ordered products if the specified address and/or phone are incorrect.
   We are not responsible for the information specified by the manufacturer on this product.

VІІІ. Customer rights and obligations
   The customer must provide a valid telephone, e-mail and address and pay the price of the ordered products. Fraud orders, reviews for product or other false information will not be tolerated.
   Please review the terms and conditions periodically for changes.

IX. Fraud
   We reserve the right, but undertake no obligation, to actively report and prosecute actual and suspected credit card fraud. We may, at our iscretion, require further authorization from you such as a telephone confirmation of your order and any other information. We reserve the right to cancel, elay, refuse to ship, or recall from the shipper any order if fraud is suspected. We capture certain information during the order process, including time, date, IP address, and other information that will be used to locate and identify individuals committing fraud. If any website order is suspected to be fraudulent, we reserve the right, but undertake no obligation, to submit all records, with or without a subpoena, to all law enforcement agencies and to the credit card company for fraud nvestigation. We reserve the right to cooperate with authorities to prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law.